How do I go about seeking representation through IFM?

  • Please send in a hardcopy headshot and resume.  Include any links to work, demo reels, websites etc.  Also, note who you were referred by.

How long until I hear on whether or not IFM is interested in setting up a meeting?

  • It can take anywhere from a few days to 8 weeks for IFM to reach out. We only reach out if we are interested. Please do not call the office to follow up or ask if we received your submission.

My child is 6 years old, do they need to have a professional headshot?

  • We encourage anyone over the age of 5 to have a professional headshot.  Its not something you need in order for your child to be considered for representation (snapshots are fine to send).  However, if we sign a client, we’ll want them to have the appropriate marketing materials.

What headshot photographers do you recommend?

  • We have many photographers that we prefer.  When we meet with anyone who needs photos, we’ll be happy to make a recommendation based on an individuals needs. Please do not call to inquire about headshot photographers.

What ages do you represent?

  • We work with all ages.

Can I drop of my headshot and resume to the office?

  • No, we prefer you to mail a hard copy headshot and resume.

I was referred by an existing client of yours, can I setup an appointment?

  • No, please mail in a headshot/resume first and note your referral.

Do I need an actor website?

  • A website is a great tool and one we recommend.

Do you have a literary department?

  • No.

Do you work with actors on a freelance or signed bases?

  • Both.

What does it take?

  • Hard work, consistency and dedication.

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